Cisco SDWAN Cheat Sheet

Our Cisco SDWAN account rep provided our team with a command cheat sheet that compares commands from the Viptela vEdge platform to the Cisco cEdge platform. This could be useful for others and with permission I am re-producing it here almost verbatim. I only cleaned it up, added a couple of commands and re-organized it a bit for this web format.

Show Commands

show int | tabshow ip interface brief
show interface detail statistics interface <interface>show platform hardware qfp active  interface if-name <interface> statistics
show tunnel gre-keepalivesshow sdwan tunnel gre-keepalives
show tunnel statisticsshow sdwan tunnel statistics
show ipsec inbound-connectionsshow sdwan ipsec inbound-connections
show ipsec local-sashow sdwan ipsec local-sa
show ipsec outbound-connectionsshow sdwan ipsec outbound-connections
show bfd historyshow sdwan bfd history
show bfd sessionsshow sdwan bfd sessions
show bfd summaryshow sdwan bfd summary
show bfd tloc-summary-listshow sdwan bfd tloc-summary-list
show certificate installedshow sdwan certificate installed
show certificate root-ca-certshow sdwan certificate root-ca-cert
show certificate serialshow sdwan certificate serial
show certificate signing-requestshow sdwan certificate signing-request
show certificate validityshow sdwan certificate validity
show control connectionsshow sdwan control connections
show control connections-historyshow sdwan control connection-history
show control connections-infoshow sdwan control connection-info
show control local-propertiesshow sdwan control local-properties
show control statisticsshow sdwan control statistics
show control summaryshow sdwan control summary
show control valid-vsmartsshow sdwan control valid-vsmarts
show control valid-vmanage-idShow sdwan control valid-vmanage-id
show control affinity configshow sdwan control affinity config
show control affinity statusshow sdwan control affinity status
show omp cloudexpressshow sdwan omp cloudexpress
show omp multicast-auto-discovershow sdwan omp multicast-auto-discover
show omp multicast-routesshow sdwan omp multicast-routes
show omp peersshow sdwan omp peers
show omp routesshow sdwan omp routes
show omp servicesshow sdwan omp services
show omp summaryshow sdwan omp summary
show omp tloc-pathsshow sdwan omp tloc-paths
show omp tlocsshow sdwan omp tlocs
show policy access-list-associationsshow sdwan policy access-list-associations
show policy access-list-countersshow sdwan policy access-list-counters
show policy access-list-namesshow sdwan policy access-list-names
show policy access-list-policers
show policy app-route-policy-filtershow sdwan policy app-route-policy-filter
show policy data-policy-filtershow sdwan policy data-policy-filter
show policy from-vsmartshow sdwan policy from-vsmart
show running-configshow sdwan running-config
show app cflowd collectorshow sdwan app-fwd cflowd collector
show app cflowd flow-countshow sdwan app-fwd cflowd flow-count
show app cflowd flowsshow sdwan app-fwd cflowd flows
show app cflowd statisticsshow sdwan app-fwd cflowd statistics
show app cflowd templateshow sdwan app-fwd cflowd template
show app dpi flowsshow sdwan app-fwd dpi flows
show app dpi summaryshow sdwan app-fwd dpi summary
show app dpi applications
show app dpi supported-applications
show app-route sla-classshow sdwan app-route sla-class
show app-route statsshow sdwan app-route stats
show versionshow sdwan version
show softwareshow sdwan software
show reboot history show sdwan reboot history
show system buffer-pool-status
show system status show system statistics
show system statistics show platform hardware qfp active statistics drop
show notification stream viptelashow sdwan notification stream viptela
show security-infoshow sdwan security-info
show sdwan zbfw drop-statistics
show sdwan zbfw zonepair-statistics
show sdwan zonebfwdp sessions
show sdwan nat-fwd ip-nat-translation
show sdwan nat-fwd ip-nat-translation-verbose
show crashshow sdwan crash

Clear Commands

clear app cflowd flow-allclear sdwan app-fwd cflowd flow-all
clear app dpi allclear sdwan app-fwd dpi flow-all
clear app log flow-all
clear app tcp-opt expired-flows
clear control connectionsclear sdwan control connections
clear control connections-historyclear sdwan control connection-history
clear sdwan control port-index
clear control reverse-proxy-connections
clear installed-certificatesclear sdwan installed-certificates
clear notification stream viptelaclear sdwan notification stream viptela
clear omp allclear sdwan omp all
clear omp peerclear sdwan omp peer
clear omp routesclear sdwan omp routes
clear omp tlocsclear sdwan omp tlocs
clear policy access-listclear sdwan policy access-list
clear policy app-route-policyclear sdwan policy app-route-policy
clear policy data-policyclear sdwan policy data-policy
clear policy zbfw filter-statistics
clear policy zbfw global-statistics
clear policy zbfw sessions
clear tunnel gre-keepaliveclear sdwan tunnel gre-keepalive
clear tunnel statisticsclear sdwan tunnel statistics
clear dns cacheclear sdwan dns cache
clear sdwan dns app-fwd cflowd flow-all
clear sdwan dns app-fwd cflowd statistics
clear sdwan dns app-fwd dpi flow-all
clear sdwan dns app-fwd dpi summary

Request Commands

request admin-techrequest platform software sdwan admin-tech
request certificate install <path>request platform software sdwan certificate install <path>
request controller delete <org-name/serial-num>request platform software sdwan controller delete <org-name/serial-num>
request controller reset-version-numberrequest platform software sdwan controller reset-version-number
request csr upload <path>request platform software sdwan csr upload <path>
request port-hop color <color>request platform software sdwan port_hop color <color>
request root-cert-chain install <path>request platform software sdwan root-cert-chain install <path>
request security ipsec-rekeyrequest platform software sdwan security ipsec-rekey
request software install <path>request platform software sdwan software install <path>
request software activate <build>request platform software sdwan software activate <build>
request software remove <build>request platform software sdwan software remove <build>
request software resetrequest platform software sdwan software reset
request software secure-boot <list/set/status>request platform software sdwan software secure-boot <list/set/status>
request software set-default <build>request platform software sdwan software set-default <build>
request software upgrade-confirmrequest platform software sdwan software upgrade-confirm
request software verify-image <image>request platform software sdwan software verify-image <path>
request platform software sdwan vedge_cloud activate chassis-number <chassis-num> token <token-id>

Debug Commands

debug confd <developer-log/snmp>debug platform software sdwan confd <developer-log/snmp>
debug config-mgr <events/pppoe/ra> level <high/low>debug platform software sdwan config-mgr <events/pppoe/ra> level <high/low>
debug fpm <command>debug platform software sdwan fpm <command>
debug ftm <command>debug platform software sdwan ftm <command>

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